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Mindful professionals (yoga, sophrology, naturopathy, ayurveda, etc.), we're building the tool you need to develop your online activity with serenity.

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We simplify the creation of your profile which features your own universe and expertise
Pick your expertise fields (yoga, meditation, fitness, pilates, sophrology, naturopathy, chinese medicine, etc.)
Your awareness improved through your social network and website sharing

Your sessions schedule unlimited & automatized

We enable you to earn a precious time over your overall professional organization
Zoom app integrated for a better smoothness
Quick & easy booking
Client reminders and payment automation (Stripe)

Diversify your activity through content sales

We encourage content publication to generate additional revenue.
Create, add and offer your content on your Sunslower page. It's easy.
Generate passive income & regular quickly.

Feel free to elaborate your pricing strategy

We want to provide you with full control over the applied prices. Your business, your prices!
Receive instant payment from your users via Stripe.
Define your prices and business model: single and pre-paid classes, membership.

Develop your customer database and connect more to your community

We set up a complete digital strategy to help your overall awareness
Digitalize your professional activity to answer the current need
Easily keep in touch with your customers through emailing (coming soon)
Enhance customer loyalty via automatic notifications from your Sunslower activity update (coming soon)

Focus on your expertise, we take care of everything else!

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Our professionals use the solution on a daily basis

"With Sunslower the time I had to dedicate to organising registrations and payments drastically reduced. Informations aimed to the students are clear and signing up is easy (and free of fees for them!) The tools on the platform have given me so many new ideas! 👍"
Tiziana, yoga teacher
"Since I've started using Sunslower, I have the ability to organize et give my Fitness & Yoga classes with just a few clicks! Zoom meetings are automatically organized. My students and clients can register and pay directly on Sunslower. They'll receive all the information they need directly by email. I don't have to follow registrations and payments nor do I need to send Zoom links. Sunslower also allows me to offer video content. I like that I can have a fully adjustable offer that is easy for me to create!
Sunslower's major bonus? A dynamic and reactive team that is available to help you and to adapt the tool to my needs and the expectations of my clients."
Claire Nodet, fitness and yoga coach
"Sunslower, is the tool I needed to finally start teaching online! I had been contemplating the idea for months but didn't know where to start... How to schedule my classes, how to share it, how will my students pay and how will I keep track of it all? Then, I discoverd Sunslower, a plateform that's easy to use, very intuitive even for me that's not good with computers. My students are coming to my online classes and I don't have to overthink technical aspects because everything is done automatically. Sunslower has been the little helper I needed to develop my online activity of teaching yoga. I cannot recommend it enough! 🙌🏼 🌻"
Amandine Leman, yoga teacher
"Being a full time physiotherapist, my days are often so full I don't have time to schedule my yoga classes, to create zoom sessions, deal with registration and payments and email each student with the link. Sunslower allows me to optimize my time so that I can easily give my yoga classes through the plateform. Everything is in there: calendar, zoom link, payments, reminder email to the students... The website is easy to use as much for the professionnals as for their students and clients. And, it's always evolving to suit us best! If I had to describe Sunslower in two words, it would be: simple and easy!
I recommend it to everyone that has, like me, two jobs and want to save some precious organisational time!"
Pauline Pruvot, physiotherapist and yoga teacher
"I'm not IT expert and I still can start my online business easily, efficiently without losing time and precious energy dealing with different tools and websites. Therefore I can dedicate myself to the content I offer and my creativity is becoming limitless!
The team behind the website is warm, kind and nurturing. Their mindset is aligned to mine and this is what I wish for every person that comes to practice with me."
Luna Loca, Holistic therapist (yoga, ayurveda, massage, reiki, energetics)

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